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The Algerian logistics sector is a major contributor to the country's growth and is an integral part of the progress of almost all other industries, including infrastructure projects. The government has facilitated an enabling environment for the logistics sector by increasing investment in the construction of corridors dedicated to road and rail transportation. The presence of a large number of industry players has fragmented it, but a dynamic of consolidation is quickly becoming the latest trend defining the development activity in the Logistics sector.
El Moustachar, we have a team of experts who have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the logistics and supply chain talent landscape. We value each of our clients' unique needs and preferences and help them by identifying the right talent based on their needs in the changing Indian business landscape. We have a transparent approach to select the appropriate candidate to meet and sometimes even exceed the expectations of our customers.


Supply chain strategy

Businesses can create a competitive advantage with the right supply chain strategy, and logistics consultants can help you identify and invest in the right business models.

Warehouse design and operations

Are you looking to set up a new facility, expand an existing site or maximize your assets? Our warehousing experts have the range of experience and modeling tools to fully assess and design new facilities and to improve existing operations.

Route planning and network optimization

Thanks to our vast experience, logistics consultants have developed a robust and effective approach to optimize route plans and depot networks.

Transport operations

Logistics consultants have considerable experience in assisting customers in the development of transport strategies, the selection and implementation of transport management systems (TMS), outsourcing - services and strategies and modeling transports.

Logistics outsourcing

Logistics consultants can help you decide which processes or functions should be outsourced and help you select an appropriate service provider. Or, if you are considering changing your existing logistics provider, we will make sure that you find the best options to meet your needs.


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