Logistics consultants can help you if you are looking to set up a new facility, expand an existing site or maximize your assets. 

Based on a detailed analysis of your current operations and taking into account best practices, we can provide custom site drawings, operational designs, business case documents, budgets and project plans to enable a smooth transition from existing operations to an optimized solution in order to: respond effectively and efficiently to the organization's future business requirements.

Our warehousing experts have the range of experience and modeling tools to fully assess and design new facilities and to improve existing operations, to maximize efficiency and optimize the following factors:

  • Warehouse size
  • Storage methods
  • Handling techniques
  • Automation options
  • MHE equipment specifications
  • Staff and organization
  • WMS system requirements and specifications

Logistics consultants are experienced in identifying policies and controls for inventory management, which includes allocation of inventory, replenishment and order flow. These services generate higher inventory turnover and therefore efficiency gains in the use of working capital used. To create meaningful inventory policies, we analyze the impact of internal and external factors while aligning inventory policies with purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales.

Using best practice indices, logistics consultants can assess the performance of your corporate warehouse against industry standards and best practice operations.

Logistics consultants can assist you in your decision-making process if you plan to outsource your warehousing needs. Or, we can help you if you are trying to identify suitable partners to meet your needs.

As part of the process, we can assess existing operations before committing to make changes to your operations. If you decide to go to the market for an outsourced solution; we will advise you on how to structure the process, we will prepare the necessary documentation, we will recommend suitable logistics providers for review and we will assist in the assessment and selection process. We can also advise you on contract negotiations and prepare service level agreements; and make sure you're ready for a smooth transition.

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