Logistics consultants have significant experience in assisting clients with:

  • Development of a transport strategy
  • Selection and implementation of transport management systems (TMS)
  • Outsourcing - Services and Strategies
  • Transport modeling

Many customers do not know their "cost of service" and therefore certainly lose margin. It is important to identify products, services and customers with low margins (or even negative margins) in order to improve the company's profitability across the entire portfolio.

  • It's not about slaughtering customers - at least not before you have all the facts in hand!
  • Realign distribution channels to minimize service costs.
  • Realign service policies to maximize profits.
  • Establish ongoing cost of service reports.
  • Assess the Cost To Serve impacts of changes to the distribution network.

Logistics consultants can help you in your decision-making process if you plan to outsource your transportation needs. Or, we can help you if you are trying to identify suitable partners to meet your needs.

As part of the process, we can assess existing operations before committing to make changes to your operations. If you decide to go to the market for an outsourced solution; we will advise you on how to structure the process, we will prepare the necessary documentation, we will recommend suitable logistics providers for review and we will assist in the assessment and selection process. We can also advise you on contract negotiations and prepare service level agreements; and make sure you're ready for a smooth transition.

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