Supply chain strategy

Companies can create a competitive advantage with the right supply chain strategy. Logistics consultants can help you identify and invest in the most appropriate operating models for your business.

A thorough assessment of your supply chain can be a critical first step towards improving performance, focusing on strategy, value, constraints and opportunities. 

Based on in-depth factual analysis and information, logistics consultants can design and develop innovative operating models, and we will help you make fundamental changes in your operational performance to improve service and become more competitive in terms of costs.

Mergers and acquisitions generally result in the merger of various logistics operations and supply chain requirements. This often presents the new entity with the challenges of duplication and the possibility of achieving operational synergies and efficiency gains.

Determining how to reconfigure these various operations into a coherent solution that will improve the value of the merged companies requires well-developed analytical, modeling, decision-making, prioritization and change management skills to ensure that the transition takes place in a smooth manner. orderly and timely. ; and logistics consultants can work with you to achieve successful results. 

Logistics consultants know that it can be difficult for companies to take the first steps towards collaborative logistics projects. Thus, we can assist in the process of identifying and quantifying the potential synergies that could be achieved through collaborative logistics projects. Once there is a willingness to share information, fuel and energy savings can be achieved by increasing load factors through effective route planning; and multiple deliveries to common customer sites can be identified and integrated.

We use distribution planning software to model each existing individual logistics operation; and then examine the possible optimization scenarios. For example, two or more companies serving similar customers or similar territories could improve efficiency and reduce costs by sharing transportation or contracting with the same logistics service provider. There are even examples of competitors finding sufficient synergies for such solutions to be worthwhile.

Projects of this nature require a trusted third party to ensure that the data is secure and that only the required results are shared between the parties, and logistics consultants are experienced in delivering projects of this nature.

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